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About Us

The Ambitious Economist was created by two young, passionate and aspiring economists to illustrate the power of economics in improving the material lives of society. Although there is an immense stigma surrounding the discipline of economics—dubbed as ‘the dismal science’—we hope to show the world that economists are indeed luminous and cheerful people and not bleak and miserable as many perceive us to be. Who would have thought economists can actually provide meaningful and clever insight? 

Consistent with our ambition to create meaningful change in the world we live in, we hope to add a unique perspective on all matters regarding economic policy, politics and pop-culture in an impartial and unbiased manner. In our journey to this juncture, we hope to unite economists from different countries and continents to share their perspectives on significant policy developments and initiatives institutionalised by governments all over the world. 

While this platform serves as a channel to provide seemingly complex economic insights, we also hope to help non-economists in society realise the multiple dimensions of possibility and opportunity economic methodologies have in evaluating the robustness of current and future policy decisions conducive to human welfare.

In the spirit of free speech, the analyses produced by the authors and the thoughts by readers should be treated with respect and discussed civilly.  

Naturally, feel at ease to connect with the authors via any popular social media platform you wish—see authors page for further details.